• Executing SQL files and PLSQL queries.
  • Support dynamic variable
  • Support extracting queries from ‘.sql’ files
  • Support multithreading query processing
# Main imports for dingDong
import logging
from dingDong import DingDong
from dingDong import Config

# Configuration
Config.LOGS_DEBUG = logging.DEBUG           # logging level
Config.SQL_FOLDER_DIR = "C:\dingDong"       # SQL folder for using sql files to execute

# list of all queris to execute. basic tuple: ([priority], executing query, [paramam])
queriesToExecute = [
    (1,"Update product set entryDate=getdate() where createDate>@startDate and createDate<@startDate"),
    (1,"Update productCategory set category='unKnow' where category in (@categories)", {'@categories':'5,6,7'}),
    (2, "updateTableProducts.sql"),

dd = DingDong()

# list or string for all queries to process
Config.QUERY_PARAMS = {'@startDate':'20100801', '@endDate':'20100801'}